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        [ore dressing machinery] Series exciter 2016/01/16 
        [ore dressing machinery] Series relaxation sieve of SZD 2016/01/16 
        [ore dressing machinery] GPJ series pressure filter 2014/01/14 
        [ore dressing machinery] XMZG series of quick-opening diaphragm filter press 2014/01/14 
        [ore dressing machinery] GP series of vacuum filter 2014/01/14 

        [Mineral sizers] 2PGC (Q) series of powerful double-roller crusher 2014/01/14 
        [Mineral sizers] 2PGCS series of screening double-roller crusher 2014/01/14 
        [auxiliary equipment] Series of agitation vessel 2014/01/10 
        [auxiliary equipment] XGZ series of scraper conveyor 2014/01/10 
        [auxiliary equipment] JYZD series of automatic dosing system 2014/01/10 

        [auxiliary equipment] 4PJ-18 intelligent and fully-automatic train compartment materials shap... 2014/01/10 
        [auxiliary equipment] Series of disc feeder 2014/01/10 
        [auxiliary equipment] Plastic filter plate 2014/01/10 
        [auxiliary equipment] PE pipe of steel wire mesh skeleton for underground coal mine 2014/01/10 
        [Electric control system] GGD low-voltage switch set 2014/01/09 

        [Electric control system] GCK low-voltage switch set 2014/01/09 
        [Electric control system] PLC control system set 2014/01/09 
        [Mineral sizers] 2PGSY series of hydraulic screening double-roller crusher 2014/01/09 
        [Mineral sizers] 2PGCL series of gear-type double-roller crusher 2014/01/09 
        [Mineral sizers] PE series of jaw crusher 2014/01/09 
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