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        Corporate Culture
         Corporate Profile 
         Corporate Culture 
         Qualification & Honor 
        Corporate Culture
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        Corporate Culture

        Take Safety as The Main Concern, Market as The Orientation, Profit as The Core, Quality as The First
        Enterprise Spirit:
            Keep Learning, Teamwork, Pragmatic, Innovative, High-Efficient, Promising
        Work Standard:
            Delicate, Precise, Strict, Meticulous, Hardworking, Persevere
        Work Style:
            Swift Response, Immediate Action, Rapid Decisive Operation
        Development Strategy: Upgrade Technology for Establishment; Absorb Talents for Prosperity; Pursue Quality for Thriving; Create Brands for Glory
        Quality Policy
            Quality-Oriented, Technology Leadership, Continuous Improvement
        Integrity Management, Customer Satisfaction, Efficient Development
        Quality Target
            1.Quality-focused and full-participation-based to achieve continuous improvement of productsthrough the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.
            2. Customer satisfaction for more than 98%.
            3.100% contract execution.