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        About us
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        Corporate Profile

        SHANDONG LAIWU COAL MINING MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a state-owned backbone enterprise designing and manufacturing coal mining machinery,metallurgical machinery and environmental protection machinery, Washing equipment manufacturing base in China.It attached to Shandong Energy Group,Shandong Coal Mining Equipments Group Co., Ltd. Now there are over 1,400 employees including 500 professional technicians among whom there are 60with high or middle-rank technical titles, 2 researchers in engineering technical application and 15 provincial prominent talents in professional technology.Covering an area of 330,000 m2, our company owns the assets of RMB¥300 million and 800-odd sets of various machining devices, including 100-odd setsof digital-control (digital-display) devices and other precise, large-scale and rare machines. We have set up a provincial technological development centerthat has the capacity of independent research, design and development of products. Multiple products have won the progress prize in science and technologyat National, Provincial or Ministerial levels. We have more than 40 patented technologies, Preparation of 5 items leading products of national standards andindustry standards and have obtained the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification,the ISO18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System, the ISO10012 Perfect Measuring & Testing System Certification and the State-level AAAAStandardized Behavior Enterprise Certification. Meanwhile our electric-control products have passed the National 3C Mandatory Authentication.We won the"Famous Product of Shandong Province" and "Shandong Famous Brand" Title. The series of Crusher products has been awarded "Product Symbol Certificationfor Adopting International Standard" , “Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products".

        Integrating technical development, product design, manufacturing, project contracting and technical consulting, our company can provide users withvarious designing, consulting and services for coal preparation factory, ore preparation factory and sintering factory design and total contracting of projects.We mainly produce 9 series and 100-odd kinds of products, including all kinds of filter devices such as intelligent pressure filter, vacuum filter and fast-speed,high-efficient diaphragm filter press; full-automatic box-type filter press, full-automatic vertical filter press, sedimentary perforated wall centrifuge; and series ofline vibrating screen; series of powerful double-roller crusher, screening double-roller crusher, gear-type double-roller crusher; pressure vessels of category Iand II; coal dressing equipment such as series jigger, coal slurry separator (TBS), dense media shallow groove separator, flotation column; metallurgical andsintering equipment and system corollary equipment of belt, stepping or ring types; series of switching winches and dispatching hoisters for trains; systemintegrated-control devices and technologies; and Three-dimensional garage. We own the world-class technology and products for solid and liquid separation.The six products such as intelligent pressure filters and crushers are awarded the title of "National New Product" and the National Quality ManagementAssociation has appraised the intelligent pressure filter as the "National Customers-satisfying Product" and "Famous Product of Shandong Province" byShandong Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau. The enterprise won the title of Top 10 Coal Dressing Equipment Manufacturers issued by China'sCoal Industry Association. Our products are widely used in many industries such as coal, metallurgy, chemical industry (alkali plant), nonferrous metal,papermaking, brewing, foods, fodder, building material, power and urban wastewater (mud) treatment, which have higher occupation rate of market.With our leading technology, high-efficient equipment and quality service, our company will sincerely provide domestic and foreign customers with aconnected sequence of service in research, development, design, manufacturing, testing, installation, debugging, training and total contracting of projects.

        Shandong Laiwu Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. welcome the domestic and international friends to our company for visiting and guiding.